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SeneGence Collections Products

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LipSense Collection

Includes: LipSense Color, Glossy Gloss and Ooops! Remover.

$74 - More Info / Purchase

SeneDerm SkinCare Collection

Includes: 3-in-1 Cleanser, DayTime Moisturiser, Evening Moisturiser and EyeCreme.

$235 - More Info / Purchase

MakeSense Foundation Collection

Includes: Foundation Shade, Pearlizer and Foops Color Remover.

$168 - More Info / Purchase

Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation Collection

Includes: Foundation Shade, Pearlizer and Foops Remover.

$202 - More Info / Purchase

SeneDerm BodyCare Collection

Includes: Body Wash, Body Scrub, Advanced Hydration Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Body Pooof.

$142 - More Info / Purchase

Translucid Loose Powder Collection

Includes: Bronze Dust, Natural and Silver Rose Translucid Loose Powder in Dispensing Brush.

$210 - More Info / Purchase

SeneDerm Advanced Anti-Aging Collection

Includes: Climate Control, SeneSerum-C, Collagen Night Pak with Brush.

$275 - More Info / Purchase

SenseCosmetics Coastal Collection

Includes: Shell Glitter ShadowSense, Seafoam Shimmer ShadowSense, Summer Fun LipSense, Summer Love LipSense, Nude Pink LipSense and Pink Sand Gloss.

$192 - More Info / Purchase

ShadowSense Tropical Collection

Includes: Pink Hibiscus Shimmer, Tropical Orchid Glitter, Lava Shimmer and Palm Glitter.

$128 - More Info / Purchase

LipSense Bouquet of Glosses Collection

Includes: Rose Gloss, Bougainvillea Gloss, Orchid Gloss, and three limited edition - Blue Orchid Gloss, Golden Iris Gloss and Sweet Pea Gloss.

$156 - More Info / Purchase